Instructional Design

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Design Documents

This training provides volunteers with an overview of how to greet dogs properly, provide enrichment to dogs, types of dog behaviors, and information on walking dogs. After this course, volunteers will be able to start handling dogs. 

Whether you are a homeowner, renter, mom with many kids, or enjoying your bachelor pad, Clear the Clutter will help you take the steps to free up space in your home. Upon completing this course, prospective customers will walk away with actionable steps to clear their homes of clutter.


Dog Handling Storyboard

Elevate your canine care expertise with a specialized Storyline course on Dog Handling. Designed to empower shelter staff and volunteers, this comprehensive training equips you with the essential skills and knowledge to ensure the well-being and positive interactions with four-legged friends, fostering a nurturing environment within dog shelters. This storyboard was created for an Articulate Storyline Course.

Taylor's Cruise to Success Storyboard

Embark on a captivating Vyond-animated cruise ship journey as I navigate through Innovation Island, explore Leadership Lagoon, and dock at the Port of Education, sharing my adventure towards becoming an instructional designer. Join me on this immersive voyage through creativity, leadership, and education. This storyboard was created for a Vyond video. 

Power Up Your PowerPoint Storyboard

Unlock the power of seamless visual storytelling with this comprehensive tutorial on leveraging PowerPoint's morph transition feature. Dive into the world of dynamic presentations as we explore step-by-step techniques to enhance your business communication and captivate your audience with professional, engaging transitions. This storyboard was created for a Camtasia video.